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September 18-19, 2017

Tucson, AZ

ParksJosey Parks
Metal Roofs of Texas

Josey Parks is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with businessesJosey Parks is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with businessesranging from roofing & construction to AI technology. By the age of 25, he achieved early success in roofing with hisfirst company. Since then, Josey established & developedJ Wales Enterprises (JWE) into the strategically synergisticportfolio of companies it encompasses today: Metal Roofs ofTexas, J Wales Construction, Designer Glass Specialties, &Think Unlimited. Under Josey’s leadership, these businessesgrow smarter & faster each year by leveraging next-generationtechnologies that address their specific business needs.A combination of forward-thinking ideas and an innate enthusiasmfor helping others succeed, has established Josey as aleader & visionary across industries.

Josey is one of the youngest recipients of the Inc. 5000 award,received the Young Movers and Shakers award from MetalConstruction Association, & attained unprecedented nationwidesales for Interlock® Roofing. His accomplishments canbe attributed to unique insight into future business trends,genuine passion for his work, innovative business models, robustnetworks, & tireless dedication.

Through television, radio, and events nationwide, Josey reaches a diverse group of entrepreneurs, professionals, & millennialswho learn from his action-based approach to businesssuccess and methods for building smart through innovation &technology. He has appeared on TV shows like CNBC’s BlueCollar Millionaire, lectures at conferences like Corporate MillionaireMinds & Vistage Executive Summit, & has a recurringguest spot on One Life Radio. Josey also constantly promotesthe importance of giving back to the community and sharingsuccess with others.










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